filter sock

  1. Leon Gorani

    Will this work for my Klir di-4 filter roller?

    I just got my klir di-4 roller, when looking at the circular part that goes into the filter sock hole it is not exactly 4 inches wide, it is just a bit smaller. I had a custom piece of glass cut with a 4 inch hole, and now the plastic is smaller than the hole in the glass. But they include...
  2. psumms

    Anyone 'Close Loop' vacuum detritus through a filter sock?

    With daily auto-water changes, i've not 'manually' remove water from my system for a couple of years. Have some dead areas in the bottom of my sump that have collected crap, going to stick a powerhead in there to keep things in motion going forward but about to get in a vac it out. Any reason I...
  3. Boss

    How to clean Dinos from filter sock

    Hi everyone, I'm currently using the 10 micron filter sock the filter out Dinos from the water column. This is my first time using a filter sock so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions how to properly clean the filter sock to get all the dinos out, or kill them, prior to reusing the...
  4. SR Reefing

    New York Misc. Filtration Filter Socks 5 for $15 Shipped NEW! Who Doesn't Like a Slick Deal!Fit Redsea Reefer!

    Hi, I have some good quality filter socks size 4"x15" Heat sealed and fit stander 4" ring. Will also fit RedSea Reefer if you trim the filter socks ring. (I had a redsea 525xl) As a hobbies, I know a good quality product when I see it. I am using these socks and i had mine washed 5-10 times...
  5. Eggpaul

    Major Sump water level issues for 2 years

    Hello everyone, I posted a thread about this about 2 years ago and I gave up , but now I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 150 gallon tank with a sump below. I have a Hydor ATO system in the sump with a 5 gallon reservoir. I gave up using the ATO system and have been manually...
  6. BeaverLakeAndy

    Filter Socks Smell Like Bleach

    So I used the washing machine on a sanitize cycle with a couple caps of bleach to wash my filter socks. I ran it through three rinse cycles, then let them air dry for a full day. I noticed they still have a pretty strong bleach smell. Is this normal, or would you say they still have bleach in...
  7. Jholley565

    Texas $3 felt filter socks 200 micron

    I made entirely too many filter socks so now I need to get rid of them. They are 4x10 and they will fit any sump/holder. You can also use a drawstring. Shipping is $4-7 depending on location. I have as many as you want. I mad WAY too many.
  8. C

    10 gallon IM nano - No filter sock or skimmer

    Is it ok to run a 10 gal with no sock or protein skimmer? Will put carbon and GFO in bags
  9. K

    Can I use Stainless Steel Screening Sheet into sump filter?

    Hi, i'm totally new to saltwater tank world. Can I use Stainless Steel Screening Sheet instead of general filter socks into my sump?
  10. Austin Lee

    Nano Build Innovative Marine - Filter Sock or Media Basket?

    Hey all, What are you using as filtration for your Innovative Marine tanks? Is there any benefit to the filter baskets? Right now I am just running two filter socks, but I get the feeling they might be raising my nitrates since I keep testing high. Anyone run the media baskets? If so, what's...
  11. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump & 5-Gallon ATO (Fusion Blue)

    Selling my Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Fusion Blue with matching 5-gallon ATO container. The sump has dual 4" sock holders, probe holder, adjustable baffle in the skimmer section, quick connects for 1/4" fittings for dosing and/or ATO, and media trays. I ran a Vertex Omega 150 in the skimmer...
  12. duromega

    New York Red Sea 4" Filter Media Cup

    Hello R2R Purchased these to replace my filter socks Unfortunately these cups do not fit my Skimz Pro Sump 39 Since the gap in the sump to fit the socks is less than 4” oh well , I will keep using socks and washing them Brand new Just tried and didn’t forced it They are brand new...
  13. BedrockIOMC

    Is there a special sock for red sea?

    I have a Red Sea Reefer 170 and I bought a 4" sock that will not fit in my sump. Is there a special size for red sea? I would like to find some other than name brand sock to use other then red sea. what do you use?
  14. SawCJack00

    For those who have switched from filter socks to filter cups with floss

    What floss do you use, and where are you getting it. I want to find a cheap supply of safe floss since I will be changing it often. Thank you!
  15. AshwinRavi

    1 month break

    Hello, reefers! Around Thanksgiving this year, I will be leaving the country for a month, and my biggest fear is imagining what my reef is going to go through. So, I look to the thousands of reefers here for advice on what I can do to prevent the most common mistakes. Since I have been...
  16. 1

    How to clean micron filter bags?

    Hey y'all, Just wondering on how you guys clean your micron filter bags? I use the eshopp rectangle handle bags. I recently used a tiny bit of bleach and threw them in the wash for couple cycles. Though they are absolutely clean and bright white, the bleach smell remains and the bag is now a...
  17. Forsaken77

    Any Thoughts On The Klir Filter?

    Specifically, has anyone seen it at any of the trade shows working? For those that don't know, the Klir is like a small Rollermat, but goes in the individual filter sock holders instead. It uses a 50 micron felt pad. They make a 4" size and a 7" size. My sump has three 4" sock holders, so...
  18. Uscanga2311

    Filter socks for a nano?

    Hi R2R Family: I have a small tank all in one, I have the sump behind the tank, with a space for socks. The dimensions of the space are these: 3.9inX3.9inX19in. some recommendation for a base for the socks and what diameter should buy them thank U!
  19. Jim Harrison

    While we are talking about filter socks and other media... Question:

    I've built my sump a little high on the water line, so I don't think I will have enough space to use filter floss as a media. I've got about 3'-4" (will need to measure when I get home) of clearance above the water line. Seems I'm going to have to go with a filter sock, yeah? Filter socks are...
  20. M

    how to clean filter socks

    Anyone know a good way to clean filter socks?
  21. shiftline

    Beginner Saltwater Aquarium Weekly Maintenance

    I have been getting asked a lot of question form new reefers on what all is involved in maintaining a saltwater reef tank. Yesterday i decided to film my "weekly" routine of maintenance to give a good overview of what all is involved in maintaining a reef tank. Below are my general weekly...
  22. alexytman

    Filter socks and skimmer

    I've been wondering can't I just put a cotton sheet on egg crate on top of a mesh filter sock. Bcuz this seems cheaper and seems it might work. Also any suggestions on a cheap and more important QUIET skimmer for my bed room. (60 gal)
  23. MarineDepot

    WOW! 40% off Filter Socks + 25% off Reactors

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