pink tenuis

  1. RR Rainbow Blossom Acropora Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina RR Rainbow Blossom Acropora Tenuis

    Looking for a coral that's as vibrant and colorful as it is healthy and high-quality? Look no further than RR Rainbow Blossom Acropora Tenuis! This piece is one of the few "rainbow" pieces that truly earns the name, with vibrant hues ranging from pink to blue to purple to green and even yellow...
  2. QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis

    For sale North Carolina QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis

    If you're like us and you love chunky sticks, then you'll love this QCC Scarlet Witch Tenuis! This Aquacultured stick is one of our favorites for obvious reasons, its got great extension of deep red polyps that contrast incredibly with the green and yellow base making this piece really stand out!