return plumbing

  1. psumms

    Return Pump Plumbing - Efficient Design Question

    The time has come to re-plumb my return pump to make better use of space in my sump... Did I read somewhere once that there was a recommended length of straight pipe on the pump outlet before adding any bends to aid efficiency? I know on the intake there should be at least five times the...
  2. MillsReef

    Ecotech Vectra M2 question

    I have a Waterbox 170.4/5 on the way, and it has a 1" ID return hose. I purchased the Ecotech Vectra M2 as a return pump for it, and I was wondering, how did you guys plumb your Vectras? I want to make sure I did it right. Lol! Pictures would be extremely helpful!
  3. AshwinRavi

    Hopefully not a stupid question

    Before I venture out to home depot and start buying things, I wanted to ask here and see if there is a simpler solution to connect from PVC to my return pump. I recently acquired a 75G reef tank pre drilled and plumbed for reef, in an effort to plunge into reef-keeping. All of my experience is...
  4. Sunshine22

    Brand New Equipment

    sicce multi Quiet 2500 brand new in box 40$ Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Kit 45$ DIY 10 Gallon 3 chamber sump 10$ 15' Red schedule 40 pvc 10$ If you buy all I have some locline equipment and bulkheads I'll throw in probably 30$ worth Will ship at buyers expense, located in McKinney Texas
  5. Pruett-nc

    Attention plumbing guru's

    I am setting up a 50 gallon low boy . The height from pump in sump to the top of the tank is about 4 feet give or take a few inches . I have installed a ghost overflow in the center back of the tank . I am using a sicce 5.0 pump . I want to do dual over the rim returns if possible . I needs...
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