return plumbing

  1. M

    8' long tank - Spray bar or both end returns?

    Hello, I am in the design phase for plumbing on my tank. It's 8' x 30" x 30" (~360 gallons) and I have a negative space aquascape. I'm going to have 2 returns, I am planning for 1 return (Abyzz a100) to be over-the-top on the left side of the tank - the overflow is on the left side of the tank...
  2. Leon Gorani

    Should I change my manifold design to this new idea?

    I have my current return pump manifold set up in the second picture attached, but I have noticed I lost a lot of power due to all the corners, I didn't think this though the first time well enough I guess. So I thought about changing it completely to the new design I drew out in the first image...
  3. E

    Varios 6 to Red Sea Plumbing Question (Connecting Part #42221)

    Everyone has already been so helpful. So I purchased a Red Sea 350 that already has part #42221 (16mm) connected to the soft tubing. I want to keep everything as is. The issue I have been having is connecting my VarioS 6 return pump to the soft tubing. I ordered another part #42221 but it is...
  4. raphgiroux

    New to plumbing

    Hello there, a friend of mine gave me his 90 reef tank, but forgot about taking photos of the plumbing. So I have parts but don't know how to fit them in place. Here's the parts... And here's a photo of the sump without the phosban reactor usually hanging right of the sump... Is the Durso or...
  5. ReefBud508

    Question about loc line?

    I am looking to put some loc line return into use in my tank i am not familiar with this type of return i seen on bulk reef supply they have a loc line tool DO YOU NEED That tool or is that just a waste of money and i can put together with little muscle ?
  6. Cjshank0

    L shaped tank! Plumbing help!?! Closed loop???

    I am thinking of purchasing an L shaped tank! This thing is awesome and happens to replace my current 5’ tank perfectly with the bonus of the “L” Shape adding another dimension when you are in my fish room. It would end up being a 210 gallon mixed reef. For the price I think I am going to snag...
  7. psumms

    Return Pump Plumbing - Efficient Design Question

    The time has come to re-plumb my return pump to make better use of space in my sump... Did I read somewhere once that there was a recommended length of straight pipe on the pump outlet before adding any bends to aid efficiency? I know on the intake there should be at least five times the...
  8. MillsReef

    Ecotech Vectra M2 question

    I have a Waterbox 170.4/5 on the way, and it has a 1" ID return hose. I purchased the Ecotech Vectra M2 as a return pump for it, and I was wondering, how did you guys plumb your Vectras? I want to make sure I did it right. Lol! Pictures would be extremely helpful!
  9. AshwinRavi

    Hopefully not a stupid question

    Before I venture out to home depot and start buying things, I wanted to ask here and see if there is a simpler solution to connect from PVC to my return pump. I recently acquired a 75G reef tank pre drilled and plumbed for reef, in an effort to plunge into reef-keeping. All of my experience is...
  10. Sunshine22

    Brand New Equipment

    sicce multi Quiet 2500 brand new in box 40$ Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Kit 45$ DIY 10 Gallon 3 chamber sump 10$ 15' Red schedule 40 pvc 10$ If you buy all I have some locline equipment and bulkheads I'll throw in probably 30$ worth Will ship at buyers expense, located in McKinney Texas
  11. Pruett-nc

    Attention plumbing guru's

    I am setting up a 50 gallon low boy . The height from pump in sump to the top of the tank is about 4 feet give or take a few inches . I have installed a ghost overflow in the center back of the tank . I am using a sicce 5.0 pump . I want to do dual over the rim returns if possible . I needs...
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