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  1. Andrew Schubert

    Plumbing Help (Head Pressure!)

    I need to up my return flow on my tank to match the specs on the uv sterilizer I attached (recommends 1000 GPH/flow). Currently I'm only getting 400-450 GPH. My pump is the Jebao 10000 which can achieve 2400 GPH. One reason I believe my flow is so slow is because all the 90 bends my pvc has to...
  2. FullReefSurvivalMode

    DIY Flow setup 75GL with Ecotech Vectra S2 - Help!

    Don’t worry about my current setup, it needs a heavy update, everything is working fine but the power heads and return pump is leaking electricity so i bought an Ecotech Vectra S1 for my 75 gallon mixed reef, which should be sufficient running at 70-80 . Eventually i will update sump and DT...
  3. Mrsadat

    New York Return Pumps Reef Octopus Varios 8 PUMP

    VARIOS 8 Priced to sell quick. In working condition $199.99 buy with confidence.
  4. Gmantu

    Hydor Seltz D 500 DC

    Does anyone know the gph loss due to head pressure for the Hydor Seltz D 500 DC pump? I haven’t been able to find a chart anywhere.
  5. nanonøkk

    micro bubbles

    ok so i just got my new pump and i noticed there’s micro bubbles everywhere so i checked everything the fittings and all of that and still. it looks like dust in my tank and the pump i got is a sicce micraplus
  6. nanonøkk

    new return pump

    ok so i’ve been looking for a new return pump for my nuevo 10 gal and i was wondering if anyone can help me out the numbers are getting confusing to me so any help would be nice. the one i have is the standard one it comes with and i dont know the gallons per hour on it.
  7. S

    Virginia Washington, D.C. Vectra M2 bnib

    Two Bnib Vectra M2 for sale. 350 shipped each
  8. B

    Return pump for an AIO 10g

    I have an All in one 10g, (Similar to the nuvo fusion 10). Since it’s a 10g, I’ll probably not add a separate wave maker, so I’d like all the flow for the tank coming from the return pump. I’d like to know whats the maximum gallon/hour the return pump has to be? I got a really good deal for a...
  9. MarshallB

    Hydor Seltz D 3200

    Does anyone have this pump? It's worked extremely well up until a few weeks ago. I've noticed my sump water level would randomly raise up in the last few weeks, and the water in my overflow box would drop causing me to have to adjust the drain gate valve. An hour or so later I have to readjust...
  10. navada718

    Will the vectra s2 fit in the IM 50 gallon aio ?

    Looking to purchase the vectra s2 return pump for my IM lagoon 50 gal aio. The return pump width is 3.8, the width of the sump area in the tank is 3 inch & 7/8 in width. Would this pump fit?
  11. reef fish


  12. crys

    First Sump Set Up

    I currently have a IM Fusion 20 about 3ft off the floor. I’m planning on adding a sump for additional water volume, clean look(hiding equipment), and a good sized Refugium for nutrient export but mainly for copepods. I cant/don’t want to drill the tank so a hob overflow box seems to be my best...
  13. Amantijt

    Sump Level Issue

    So recently i set up my new 120gal tank, plumbed it all myself. Drain hole drilled called for a 1 1/2" but hole was cut wrong had to use 1 1/4" for my drain piping which the bulkhead was almost impossible to find by the way. The return was correct and is 3/4". My issue is that even though i have...
  14. Sandeep1920

    New Jersey Return Pumps SOLD Vectra M1

    Never used with box Vectra M1 pump for local pick up only (08820) asking $300 OBO
  15. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Return Pumps Misc. Pumps Return pump new never used

    Selling a simplicity 2100 DC pump. New never used never taken out of the box. Bought it for 135.00 four months ago for a tank I was going to set up but just sold today. Will sell for $80.00 plus shipping
  16. Keen4

    California Aquariums Return Pumps Skimmers Heaters Nuvo 20gal AIO

    I upgraded my tank to a much larger set up! So now I want to sell this good equipment to a new home! Everything here is less than 8 months old in good condition. Nuvo Abyss Pano tank AIO, Desk Top Skimmer, A fairly new Mighty jet 326 gph desktop return pump, a via aqua 100w heater, and 5 filter...
  17. Yogi192

    Plumbing a Ecotech L2 pump to a Reefer 900 3XL

    I thought I could connect the return Y connector to the Ecotech L2 pump with barb fittings and flex tubing. But the Y connector barb fitting is sitting below the barb fitting for the return pump. The barbs are 1". Any suggestions of what i can do? Is there a better solutions for this?
  18. Mason Michalski

    Michigan Return Pumps Apex COR 20 2,000gph

    Hardly used COR 20 that was set aside as a back up for a 150 gallon. In prestine condition, $300 plus shipping. Older one with cemented fitting, $280 plus shipping.
  19. ngservet5

    Connecticut Massachusetts New York Rhode Island Reef Equipment For Sale

    I recently broke down my 120 gallon reef tank that I had running for more than 10 years. Now that the livestock is gone and some of the equipment I am looking to sell the remaining dry goods below: Orphek Atlantik V1 Led Light w/ Steel Cable Hanging Kit (comes with controller that programs...
  20. Popcornlover15

    Stocking a 35 gallon tank

    I’ve always had freshwater tanks but this will be my first saltwater tank and I’ve been watching BRS 52 weeks of reefing. The tank I’m getting is a DSA 35 gallon rimless tank that’s dimensions are 23x23x15. It comes with everything I’ll need, including the sump, an ai prime light, two...
  21. Architeuthis

    Lagoon 50 AIO Return Pump

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice/recommendations to upgrade the stock Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 AIO return pump. Something that's more powerful and will still fit in the back of the tank. Input from anyone who's upgraded the same tank or a similar AIO would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Romeo007

    Ohio Utah Ecotech Vectra L2 return pump

    It was replacement for L1 and used less than 3 months and controller is old to 9 months. $365 shipped and PP. I will add the pics soon.
  23. BighohoReef

    Washington WTB Neptune COR-15 or 20

    Hi all, Looking for a COR-15 or 20 to put into a Red Sea 250.
  24. Bentonb

    California Return Pumps New Ecotech Vectra M2

    Hi all, I've got a new in box Vectra M2 for sale 360 shipped or 340 local pick up (SoCal (Redlands/San Bernardino/Riverside)). Also if you locally pick up the vectra M2 I'll give you this CAD lights skimmer for free. (Local Pick up Only)
  25. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Overflow/Return Pump Equilibrium Issues

    I am complete novice when it comes to sumps and plumbing. I have a 120g tank that's got a Trigger Emerald 34 Sump installed underneath it and a Reef Octopus Varios6 return pump. Since the tank is tempered glass, I have no choice but to go with the overflow method as a means of moving water to my...
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