return pump

  1. TangoTang16

    Return Pump Programming

    Hello, So I have been having issues with my feed mode codes lately which trigger the apex to cancel the feed mode automatically. What I would like to do is for the return pump to just respond to one feed mode and not Feed A,B,C. Here is my code for my two powerheads: Fallback OFF Set ON If...
  2. Elbereth

    Recommendations for return pump in 250-400 GPH range?

    Hello folks! I'm hoping to upgrade to a 50g tank with a sump soon and need some recommendations for a reliable and quiet (tank is going to be in the bedroom) return pump that can be adjusted to 250-400 GPH. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Return pump replacement

    Hello! I am a new aquascaper! I have a 20 gal AIO made by Tideline. My return pump quit working and I am having a hard time finding the same one to replace it. Help? I got one replacement and it won’t fit in the return pump compartment on the tank. I had to buy another (external) filter to have...
  4. PhotonBlue

    Texas Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 return pump - 85

    used 9 months comes in original box
  5. PhotonBlue

    Texas Octo Varios 4 DC return pump - $200

    used 9 months comes in original box $200
  6. M

    Overflow and return pump for ~360gallon?

    Hey everyone, I'm getting a 96" x 30" x 30" acrylic tank for a mixed reef aquarium, should be roughly 360 gallons with a 120 gallon sump. Would the Modular Marine 3000gph low profile overflow and EcoTech Vectra L2 (3100gph) return pump be sufficient for an overflow and return pump? (I'll have...
  7. Mikey0909

    Math/plumbing question

    I was wondering what rating (GPH) return pump to get for my sump. I need one that is able to output 200 GPH through 3/4 of an inch pipe. it needs to lift the water about 45 inches. I am assuming that there is some kind of a math equation that you can use to figure this out but I have absolutely...
  8. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York Return Pumps Maxspect Jump DC return pump 8K for sale. Like new

    I am selling a 2,113 GPH Maxspect Jump DC return pump. Asking $200 including shipping. It only has about 6 months worth of use on it as my main return pump in my 120 gallon sps reef tank. The pump worked flawlessly the entire time but I am getting out of the hobby for the time being and am...
  9. J

    RedSea Reefer 250 Return Pump

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately our biocube has a leak, so we are upgrading to a RedSea Reefer 250. The LFS we went to sold us a Danner Supreme Aqua-Mag Model 9.5 for the return pump. RedSea recommends a flow of 660gph for the return pump. It looks like this return pump would have a flow of...
  10. T

    Return Camber Water Levels

    Good Morning, I have a 90 Gallon reef tank with a Trigger 30 sump. This is my first time having a sump below. My return chamber water levels seem to move up and down. When it drops my Tunze ATO replaces the water which sometimes throws off the salinity. The extra water is pumped into the...
  11. Leon Gorani

    Tapping noise coming from return pump?

    I have a reef octos varios 4 return pump. It has been working without a problem for the past month and a half. But yesterday i started hearing some tapping noise, like not too loud, but noticeable tapping noise coming from that area where my return pump is. And I’m pretty certain it’s from the...
  12. Bmartinez76

    Florida Hydor Seltz D 3200 gph return pump

    Selling a used Hydor Seltz D 3200 gph return pump. I was using this as a manifold pump for a few months then broke down my tank. This pump is from October 2020 so still little use in it. Asking $180 shipped.
  13. D

    I want to start my first reef. What are the cheapest, essential options for my setup?

    So I got a 25-gallon tank with a complete setup for freshwater fish, but I want to build a reef instead. I'm looking for the most affordable options for sumps, return pumps, power heads, and what all is absolutely essential to maintain a reef. I know that sumps aren't essential, but do I still...
  14. Dawsokj1988

    Texas Tank Break-Down Sale! All sorts of goodies (Texas, DFW Local Pickup Only)

    I'm starting with local pickup only. I'm located in Fort Worth. Depending on what sells and what doesn't sell, I'll move to shipping in the future (possibly). Hey all. I've broken down my tank and I'm selling all sorts of items. I've created a spreadsheet of all the major equipment pieces...
  15. MDSReefing

    Return Pumps lightly used TUNZE 1073. Silence 80-800 GPH return pump

    Asking $85 OBO will pay for shipping. Only used to test, as well as used for a few water changes.
  16. E

    USA WTB Wanted to Buy. Neptune COR 20

    I'm looking to set up my first tank in a couple of weeks and would like the COR 20 if anyone has one for sale.
  17. brittneykaiser

    Return pump recommendations for marine x 90.3

    This is my first tank that comes with a sump, so I'm completely lost on how to go about this. It's a Waterbox Marine x90.3 (The display is 60 gallons, with a 30 gallon sump). From what BRS suggests, circulating the water at about 3-4x turnover per hour is sufficient-- meaning you could...
  18. fmf_21

    Mississippi Sold ! Reef octopus Varios 8

    Comes in original box with all accessories . $315 shipped .
  19. DcoarM

    Quietest Return Pump? Go!

    Hello all! I just bought a used system off someone and have been trying to get it all up and running over the last few days. Today I was finally able plug in the return pump and try to dial in the overflow, but holy cow was it super loud. Like loud to the point that I woul get rid of the tank...
  20. R

    DC return pump recommendations

    I have a 20G JBJ and made a rookie mistake...I mounted the a surge protector to the inside back of the stand and can barely reach it. When I feed I have to reach in and turn the return pump off to slow down the flow. Does anyone have any recommendations for a return pump that can be controlled...
  21. Winnie-Maxspect

    Maxspect new video for MJ-DC Series Return Pump

    We've updated new video for MJ-DC Series Return Pump on our YouTube Channel - Maxspect Offical Channel. For more details of Maxspect MJ-DC Series Return Pump, please check out the below link: Maxspect...
  22. Q

    Automatic On/Off switch for aquarium sump pump

    So I am wanting to make a DIY aquarium sump as I am limited by space, now to do this I am going to run a normal canister filter as a pre-filter and send the return to a sump, and then have a second (separate from the canister filter) return pump to the display tank itself. However as you...
  23. NanoReefer2025

    Annoying Return Pump Noise

    Hello everyone. Today, I came across a bit of an issue with the return pump that came with my Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25. It is SUPER noisy and I can’t seem to find the source. It isn’t touching the walls of the AIO chamber that it is in or anything like that. It has happened before, but it...
  24. TheWackyWiz

    Fiji Cube AIO Return Pump question

    Hey Everyone, I made what I am sure is a super common mistake for new reefers, thinking I could save some money by doing everything DIY for my first reef tank. It was a valuable learning experience but after battling near constant algae blooms, fluctuating params and an unsightly set up I bit...
  25. Sakosreef

    Need some advice on mp40 placement/mode/power

    Hey everyone, can you guys give me some advice on what the ideal placement would be for my 2 mo40s? I have 2 s1 return pumps so I’m running 2k an hour through those, plus my 2 mp40s. I have one mp40 on each side pointed at each other about 3 or 4 inches under the water line. I have my mp40s set...