waterbox 165

  1. IceRain29

    Waterbox Frag 165.6 not level, gap on 2 corner, customer support tell me it's "normal"?!?

    So, I got a Brand New beautiful waterbox frag 165.6 from waterbox aquarium. Fully assembled and find out it has a big gap on almost all corner, I can slide the paper almost everywhere under the tank. The front right corner is the worst of the bunch, I can see a 2mm gap by my eyes if I look it...
  2. IceRain29

    Build Thread Allan's Waterbox Frag 165.6 High End SPS Frag System Build

    It has been 2 and half years since I build my 450 Gallon System and I want to have another frag tank. The first frag tank I ordered with my 450 gallon is becoming a grow out tank. Wife also states it has to have a nicely finished cabinet and it has to be white and no more than 30" wide. Hmmm, is...
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