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    Species Spotlight: BLENNIES | With Hilary, Marine Biologist of WaterLoggedLife.com

    Fish species play a vital roll in our enjoyment of the aquarium hobby as a whole. Get to know more about Blennies with Hilary from WaterLogged in our new video. You can also explore countless other aquarium fish by checking out some of the other videos in the Species Spotlight Playlist.
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    5 TIPS For Feeding Picky Fish In Your Tank | A How-To with Hilary: Marine Biologist of WaterLogged

    We all have had those fish who are difficult to please and feed! Join Hilary from WaterLogged in our newest video to learn some tips and techniques on how to get those picky eaters fat and healthy. Get the rundown on feeding picky fish from a seasoned Marine Biologist and head to Marine Depot to...