“Unfurbished” 75 Gal and 125 Gal, what are some fun options?


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Oct 10, 2021
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Hello everyone!
I’ve been in the hobby for around only 6 months, I started with a 75 Gal with only 4 fish, but now have a 75 gal and 125 gal. I want a new long term setup for both of the tanks, I most certainly want coral in at least the 75 gal.

I am considering clownfish only I’m the 75 gal but without anemones that may arise problems. I want my 125 Gal to be something special and colorful, that will really catch some eyes. Something I couldn’t do in a 75 Gal. I’ve considered a triggerfish, a squad of tangs, an eel, or a tank with fish I’ve always wanted but could have due to coral (coral beauty, angelfish, hawk fish, etc.)

I wanted to know the communities feedback as well as if I did do a FOWLR tank, how could I add color and flow to it while managing with no cleanup crew.

Furthermore, I am a student and would like to know what equipment is worth getting despite my thin wallet.

I don’t regret getting into this hobby, thank you for all those that pushed me here. There isn’t anything more ironic than a broke student with a zoanthid addiction.
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