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1 Ecotech XR30 Gen 6 Blue with slide / hanging kit

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Dec 19, 2021
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Los Lunas, NM
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Selling three like-new ecotech radion xr30 g6 blues.
comes like-new with all items and packaging.

I purchased these from Monkiboy here on R2R and never actually used them (He used them briefly). Bought em for a Cade 1800 S2/P build, but have decided to go with a single light type instead of a hybrid situation.

$825 each, shipped. Also have slides and hanging kit. Buy all three and I'll throw them in. individually, add $20 for the slide. $30 for the hanging kit.

Would prefer to sell them all at once to minimize trips to the post office.

tempImageaOGWit.png tempImagebn2Ek2.png tempImageuYLGCj.png tempImageomNwzt.png
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