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    Sep 15, 2013
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    I have 1 KRV5-24 S by Eco-lamps for sale.

    $340 plus free shipping to the lower 48.

    I've been running it for about 7 months and it has been fantastic! It can be operated via an App for Android or Apple.

    I have Kessil AP700s on all my other systems and ended up with this one just to try and then found another Kessil AP700 on R2R so I got it so all my systems can run off one app.
    If not for that I'd have no reason to let this go. Color and growth have been great for SPS near the top of my 92 Gallon Corner Bowfront and LPS lower down.

    I paid $699 plus shipping for it.

    The customer service was outstanding. I was having a hard time linking it to the App and they walked me through step by step.

    I've added two links for reference.



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