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Nov 22, 2019
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May 15, 2018
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Here are our winners!!! Please PM me to claim your prize!*
  1. @Mystery Fish
  2. @Azedenkae
  3. @Diyreef8401
  4. @bradv123
  5. @stewie
  6. @Aldrinlights
  7. @MiniReefInABox
  8. @Fishinwall
  9. @69reefman
  10. @Matt Miller
*Winners must claim prize within 72 hours or we will redraw for a new winner.
PM sent for unclaimed prizes!
(Congratulations @Mystery Fish @Azedenkae @Diyreef8401 @bradv123 @stewie @Aldrinlights @MiniReefInABox @Fishinwall @69reefman @Matt Miller !)

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Apr 29, 2014
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Congratulations to all the winners!!! Please give us feedback once you receive this checkers and are able to use them!
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Mar 10, 2021
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Congratulations to all the winners!!! Please give us feedback once you receive this checkers and are able to use them!
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Will do and I’ll be posting about it to my build thread as well if y’all want to follow.


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Dec 28, 2015
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Guess what!! Hanna Instruments is teaming up with R2R to bring you another amazing giveaway with an exciting brand new prize!! And maybe the best part of all, we're not just pulling 1 or 2 winners! 10 (YEP! That's right! TEN!!) lucky reefers will be winning one of Hanna's brand new HI782 High Range Nitrate Checkers!!

Hanna Instruments cares about the success of your saltwater aquarium! It's been said that saltwater aquarium keepers are not keepers of coral or fish but rather keepers of water! That's why Hanna not only cares about you but cares about your water! Hanna Instruments has a history of developing innovative products that make analytical measurements easier to perform at an affordable price. Many innovations introduced by Hanna are now the norm for the instrumentation industry.

So get entered to win NOW and this brand new Nitrate Checker could be yours!!


Contestants will have to complete the "official entry" to be entered into this contest. By completing all entries you will increase your chances of winning.

Official Entry: Join the Hanna blog/email list by signing up HERE and create a post in this thread stating that you are entered.

BONUS ENTRIES (You may only do these AFTER your initial entry...winning entry will be verified for original entry)

*Make a separate post in this thread after completing any of the bonus entries. Winning entry is subject to verification.

1. Make a post in this thread telling us what you like most about the new Hanna High Range Nitrate Checker
2. FOLLOW the Hanna Instagram Page Here
3. LIKE the Hanna Facebook Page Here.
4. Share this contest on social media (can be any social media platform you like). Use these hashtags: #Reef2Reef #HannaInstruments #GIVEAWAY. 1 entry per social media platform.
5. Make a post in your build thread with your latest water parameter measurements (any of these parameters count: Alk, Cal, NO3, PO4, Salinity) and include what you measured them with. (If you don't have a tank thread then start a new one here: Member Tanks.) You may do this once a week for extra entries.

BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an entry option that is only available if you are a Reef2Reef Supporting or Partner Member. If you are a supporting/partner member please make a post in this thread stating that you are a R2R supporter/partner. If you're not a supporting member, but would like more info on how to sign up, CLICK HERE.

10 Reefers will take home 1 HI782 High Range Nitrate Checker

The HI782 Marine Nitrate High Range Colorimeter is specifically designed to quickly and accurately determine high levels of nitrate for saltwater aquariums and marine applications. With a digital read out, there is no more struggling to determine colors visually.

• Measurements with a range up to 75.0ppm
• Less complex laboratory grade accuracy - Requires only 1 reagent
• Simple, intuitive digital operation
• Compact and precise whether at home, at work, or on-the-go

The HI782 is a simple, accurate, and cost-effective way to measure nitrate from 0.0 to 75.0 ppm (as NO3–) in your saltwater aquarium.

The HI782 Nitrate Checker HC uses the Zinc Reduction method to measure the concentration of nitrate colorimetrically. The HI782 provides quick, accurate results in four easy steps (using a single reagent):

1. "Zero" the Checker
2. Add the reagent to your water sample
3. Place the vial into the checker
4. Press the button and read your results!

Features at-a-glance:​

  • For use with saltwater samples.
  • More accurate than chemical test kits.
  • Dedicated to a single parameter.
  • Small size, big convenience.
  • No errors with a digital readout.
  • Ideal for aquariums and marine biology applications.

Drawing of the Prize and Notification of Winnings

Entries accepted through July 11, 2021. The winner will be chosen by random draw and announced on July 12, 2021.

At the end of the contest we will choose the winner via a random number generator. The winner's username will be tagged in the winning announcement. We will not email, pm, or contact the winner other than tagging the winning name. Be sure to check back to claim your prize. If it is not claimed within 3 days we will do a re-pick and so on until the prize is claimed.

Thanks again to Hanna Instruments!

Official Entry Done!

PICK the Most Tested & Least Tested Parameters of your Tank (Pick 2)

  • Calcium (most)

    Votes: 43 6.5%
  • Alkalinity (most)

    Votes: 465 70.2%
  • Magnesium (most)

    Votes: 5 0.8%
  • Phosphate (most)

    Votes: 56 8.5%
  • PH (most)

    Votes: 66 10.0%
  • Nitrate (most)

    Votes: 64 9.7%
  • Nitrite (most)

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • Ammonia (most)

    Votes: 15 2.3%
  • (least) Calcium

    Votes: 9 1.4%
  • (least) Alkalinity

    Votes: 4 0.6%
  • (least) Magnesium

    Votes: 55 8.3%
  • (least) Phosphate

    Votes: 14 2.1%
  • (least) PH

    Votes: 35 5.3%
  • (least) Nitrate

    Votes: 12 1.8%
  • (least) Nitrite

    Votes: 196 29.6%
  • (least) Ammonia

    Votes: 253 38.2%
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