120 Gal Tang Tank UV Sterilizer ??



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Feb 6, 2022
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I finally finished my tank livestock set up. After 3 years of fish dying, outbreaks, and the learning process that goes along with it. I am happy to say that my livestock list is done.

With all these tangs I am thinking of upgrading my UV sterilizer to combat any disease or impurities in the water. I want to go the Aqua UV route but not sure the wattage I should go with my heavy livestock.

Livestock list:

2 x Marine Beta
3 x Storm Clownfish
1 x Yellow Belly Blue Hippo
1 x Regular Blue Hippo
1 x Gem Tang
1 x Yellow Tang
1 x Purple Tang
1 x Chocolate Tang
1 x Dsejardini Tang
1 x Blonde Naso
1 x Midas Blenny
1 x Bellus Angel
1 x Cleaner wrasse
1 x Blue Spotted Jawfish
1 x Copperband Butterfly
1 x Toby Puffer
1 x Pyramid Butterfly


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