120 Gallon Tank- Entire Setup


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Mar 8, 2020
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I’ll be moving in about a few months and will unfortunately need to part ways with this tank. This is an established 120 gallon tank that has been running for about 6 years and I’m the only owner. All equipment and inhabitants are included. Not interested in parting out at this time, I’d much prefer to sell as a single unit. Asking $2900 obo.
Equipment and inhabitant lists are included below:

120 gallon tank (can’t recall brand)
Jebao 150 crossflow wavemaker
Reefbreeders photon V2 -48”
Reef octopus skimmer classic 150-INT
Current USA Felix return pump- 1900 GPH
Reefbreeders ATO
Finnex 200 watt titanium heater with controller

+ countless other items such as additional wave makers, nets, scrapers, fragging tools, media reactors, salt, automatic feeders, etc.

Yellow tang
Majestic angel
Tomini tang
Powder blue tang
Black backed wrasses
Blue head fairy wrasse
Ocellaris clown pair
Saddleback clown
Rose BTA x 3
Pincushion urchin x3
Pencil urchin x2
Green plating monti
Green favia

As shown in the picture this tank is in a built-in unit in the wall, so the stand and canopy ARE not included. 871F88CB-EC23-45B2-80B8-29D4BCE05C72.jpeg CB79339C-0BC2-4094-9BD3-C18BEA292AEE.jpeg 42EDC134-0638-4A37-BD9C-AF4529CCC9C3.jpeg 69F64648-ACD6-4966-8924-3D82E6E676B3.jpeg D02909F0-6380-4157-9DB4-45AA2E7EECA1.jpeg 12C2E131-6794-47BA-A16A-9592F110DBE8.jpeg C77DED82-6F32-4CAD-9E51-8B3C0C449E2D.jpeg 39AA24F7-2ED0-481F-833C-418FAFCD725A.jpeg

Have you used Weld-on acrylic cement or comparable product with your reef?

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    Votes: 29 20.7%
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  • Yes, for aquarium assembly

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