150g deep dimension entire system + livestock + more

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Feb 9, 2013
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Link to build thread.

It is also listed on CL in my Southern Maryland area.
150 gallon Marineland deep dimension 36x36x27 cube style saltwater aquarium. Everything must go. I have too much extra stuff and it is taking over. Currently up and running with livestock to include a Moorish Idol, tank breed coral beauty, urchins, mated laying clownfish with numerous rose bubble tip anemones and a rainbow anemone, chromis, 2 yellowtail damsels. All get along very well. Corals include zoas, hammerheads, toadstool, gsp, gorgonia, slow growing rainbow mushrooms maybe rhodactis or similar. Tank is on cruise control and nothing has been added in a couple years. Equipment with it include a 30 gallon acrylic refugium that grows chaeto and calurpa by the basketball size, a emperor pentair smart uv sterilizer 25 watt, trigger systems emerald 34 acrylic sump, trigger systems emerald 5 gallon ato acrylic reservoir, bubble magus curve 9 skimmer, orphek atlantik led light and 2 orphek or3 - 60 led light bars blue plus, very dependable eheim 1262 return pump, avast marine 2l vibe automatic zeovit reactor, avast marine k2 huge awesome kalk stirrer, 2 reef keeper lites basically as power strips, ecotech marine vortech mp10, random other powerheads, dj switches for easy on/off controls, inkbird heater controller, auto fish feeder, hanna checkers for calcium, alkalinity, phosphate, lots of unopened brs pharma magnesium, calcium, alkalinity packets, zeovit 1000ml almost full, unopened tropic marin pro reef 240 gallon salt mix bag, numerous other random stuff such as metal halide 175wt and 400wt ballast and pendants another sump, 2 frag tanks bought from a retail store made with thick glass 48x18x14 manufacturer drilled with overflow, euroreef rs-6 skimmer, diy cree leds with heat sinks, 4 foot aquatic life 6 bulb t5 fixture, old small calcium reactor, metal stand for frag tanks, 2 biocubes 6 & 9 gallon I believe, lots of unused power compact bulbs with fixtures for them, additives of various sorts, bubble magus reactor, 3 10 gallon tanks, ati icp water analysis test, 2 brs dosing pumps, 4 head jebao brand dosing pump, all hard plumbing done in green under tank with gate valves, probably 200 pounds of rock, some tonga even, it was all cleaned and stored to remove all die off aside from what is in the tank, 5 gallon bucket of fuji pink sand cleaned and stored for future use, who know what else I forgot. $1500 takes it all except my water change system which is my ro/di unit and water storage containers, I will keep those. If you want to see a pic of something just ask.

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