18 month JBJ 45 soon to be replaced but some picture of the progress since it was set.


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Nov 24, 2019
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I joined recently in Reef2Reef not my first post but I think it is worth to show the progress I did with this tank in probably 18 months, I am upgrading to 120G (48X24X25) tank starting 2020, and this is a setup that I been documenting with pictures. Probably going to sell the HW, but well I am definitely going to miss it.

It is a JBJ45 mix corals, some have left the tank and some of the stock too :) ( had the flame angel starting to eat my scoly, so that was a, NONO ) :)

And I do have a tang right now just hosting it to grow it but since I am upgrading, going to choose better what I can put on the tank on the species, catching a fish on a 45 is much simpler than a bigger tank. All the small stock will stay, but not sure about the Tang.

IMG_4403.jpeg IMG_4404.jpeg IMG_4559.jpeg IMG_4651.jpeg IMG_4864.jpeg IMG_4997.jpeg IMG_5155.jpeg IMG_5626.jpeg IMG_5725.jpeg IMG_5727.jpeg IMG_5728.jpeg IMG_5730.jpeg IMG_5738.jpeg IMG_5787.jpeg IMG_5790.jpeg IMG_6092.jpeg IMG_6145.jpeg IMG_6148.jpeg IMG_6150.jpeg IMG_6247.jpeg IMG_6367.jpeg IMG_7989.jpeg IMG_7991.jpeg IMG_8442.jpeg

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