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180 gallon complete system w/custom Synergy Reef Systems sump, 2x Gyres, 6x AI Hydra 52s, etc


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Dec 31, 2011
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Franklin, TN
For sale: 180g MarineLand reef ready tank + custom Synergy Reef Systems sump, drip tray, water blaster return pump, 6x Ai Hydra 52s, 2x protein skimmers, MRC calcium reactor, Carbon Doser Co2 regulator, 2x XF230 gyres + extras, $2500 for the package. Pickup in Franklin, TN

Everything included:

- Marineland 180 g (72x24x24) tank w/2 corner overflows. Each overflow has 1x 1" drain and 1x 3/4" return line
- 35" tall stand w/ 3 doors on the front and one on each side
- custom Synergy Reef Systems w/2x 7" socks, large protein skimmer section and return box section
- drip tray for sump
- 6x Hydra 52s w/hanging rail
- Reef Octopus Elite 200 DC skimmer
- Avast Marine Works skimmer
- Water Blaster 7000 return pump
- 2x Maxspect XF200 gyres
- MRC America CR-2 dual calcium reactor w/media and circulation pump
- Carbon Doser CO2 regulator
- BRS 150 GPD RODI unit w/dual DI bed
- BRS dual media reactor
- test kits, misc pumps, etc.

$2500 takes everything. Must pickup in Franklin, TN

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