180G mixed reef build

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Nov 4, 2019
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Finally finish my tank setup, I thought now is the appropriate time to share. This is a 180g tank with a 40g sump setup, full on apex , hybrid lightings , water change station etc. Too much to list but here are some pics for your enjoyment. Thanks for looking

36756E58-0FA1-4F8F-BF50-241F72B3D2BF.jpeg DE0F495D-E2BF-458A-9EC1-932C186B9E94.jpeg F77BF905-B0F2-4992-99AF-429A87D44390.jpeg 08E1CB16-3FEA-4310-9A21-C78D6E067B07.jpeg C42588CA-A09D-412A-9708-3BE0DE9EA523.jpeg 3A2CB400-2416-40BE-8404-EF74163E2AFE.jpeg CD046AC5-860A-4B43-98F9-06ABAC754213.jpeg 58221386-1221-44D9-AB08-461676FF724D.jpeg
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