180G Peninsula Set up, 17 year break


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Jul 21, 2022
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Klamath Falls
Hi its been awhile since doing salt ware or basic reef setups since I was a teenager. I have a 36 Gallon bowfront I set up in April, currently with a very large Tomato clown female paired with Cinnamon male, also a Juvenile Sailfin Tang that the kids wanted. Petco is the only option within 80 miles or online, Fedex does fly here though. The clowns where free and the Tang from petco had Ich so treated about 30 days with copper. I have a long spine urchin, 2 hermit crabs and 3 astrea snails.

I have a 180g Arylic that I built a new stand for, also internally reinforced seams with Arylic rods and weld on 16 since its a old squared off tank. Sealed off the central returns with 1/2 plates etc. Mainly just need to buff the tank and paint the stand and pick up more foam for underneath it since the tank is bowed a fair bit from water damage on the previous stand.

Currently been using tap and Instant Ocean since that was at Petco, but maybe its better to order better salt. I have a 50GPD RODI but have never tried to use it. The Clowns are consistently spawning in this water but I get inverts and corals may feel differently about it. The Tap if usable is very hard.

Also need to reinforce floors a bit, used leave in jacks on my 150T but not sure if it worked correctly or if it just needs some adjustment.

Maybe mixed reef but looking to at ZOAs, Soft coral, Hammer Coral and Smaller Clams I think Maxima and Corcea since the top openings are only 8.5x23.

Id prefer to mount everything to the overflow end and have no wires in the tank.

Ill have about 180-190bs of Rock I can add, with 40-50 in the 36 currently. I'm not sure if I will use all of the rock or not.

Sand I'm think thinking a partial think later like 1/4 which may have bald spots etc but not full bare bottom.

Equipment so far
180g TruVu Peninsula single overflow
TruVu Wet Dry 37 Gallon converted to a sump, going to add another baffle or 2. Id like to add a small refugium in it.
Bubble Magnus Curve 7
2 Sicce 3.0 return pumps
Emperor/Pentair 25W UV
Sicce .5 pump for the UV
2 Vortech MP40
Heaters I have Aqueon Pro 300w or could steal/trade for a German Ehiem in my 150T but I'm thinking I should just buy a heater, I have the inkbird controller dual probe dual heater wifi but it doesn't work with the Aqueon or atleast not as a single heater it flags its been on over 12 hours and shuts off the heater so I don't use it.

Lighting was recommend 9" height from Telegraham
1 Viparspectra 165w going to de lens
1 AI Prime 16HD reef
I think I will add a 36" or maybe 48" Quanta Pro to off set the gap in light, with rather thick tops and the peninsula running a 72" would be a waste going through a 1/2" of old aryclic on the side of the small openings of the top.

For ATO I thinking a Tunze Osmolator and maybe a 10g tank?

Wanting a mesh for the the 2 openings but not sure what yet.

Stocking as noted I have
1 Sailfin Tang
2 Clowns

Looking at these not sure if I can add everything at once or if that is way to much, I'm also not sure what Bio load rating this is long term. Should I do more or less fish or is this good?
1 Blue Throat/Jaw Trigger Male
1 Pyramid butterfly
1 Mimic Tang
1 Some other tang maybe a bristle tooth of some sort
1 6 line Wrasse or a parasite eating wrasse that doesn't need a sand bed
1 Azure Damsel
1 Springers Damsel

Is Dr. Reef Quarantined a good option to buy fish from?

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