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May 26, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ
Good Evening Everyone,

Figured I should post my Build thread. Little bit of background on the tank and Build. It's a Aqueon 180G with overflows in the corners. It was given to me free by my local FS here in Phoenix back in 2019. It had previously been a Freshwater Display for Discus.

I converted it to saltwater back in Jan 2020. I then began to stock with fish and corals. I hit the ugly stage and bacteria blooms, all were learning curves for me. As I felt like I was ready to round the corner and stock more corals, I was given notice that I would be deploying for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

Cut to July 2020, the tank had to come down. I slowly took the tank down. The fish and corals went to my LFS and the tank into my garage.

I have been back home here in AZ since April 2021. First thing I did Is dust off and clean the tank. It's now back up and running with some equipment upgrades and fish.

Plans for the future include more corals and lighting upgrades. Hopefully, I'll be able to upgrade the tank to a custom aquarium once we move into a new house. For now, I'm happy with the progress.

Fish Stocking:
2 Ocellaris Clownfish
1 Blue Damsel
1 Bengaii Cardinal
1 Green Coris Wrasse
1 Six Line Wrasse
4 Saltwater Convered Mollies
2 Yellow Clown Gobies
1 Gem Tang
1 Sohal Tang
1 Yellow Tang
1 Scopas Tang
1 Sailfin Tang

2 Pics below are from the first time I setup the tank, before the tear down.



April 2021 Tank Setup and New Equipment.

Mounting the Apex System.
Such a pain, but nice once it's working properly.

Apex Water change system.

40G simplicity Sump, Simplify Skimmer and Simplicity Return Pump.

Current Pic May 2021 20210420_160520.jpg 20210427_145227.jpg 20210512_193828.jpg 20210512_193817.jpg 20210512_193753.jpg 20210512_193828.jpg
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