2 very different results between salifert and Red sea test kits??


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Mar 30, 2021
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Toronto, Ontario
Hello Everyone!

So past couple of week ive been having problems measuring the daily dosage for my Mg, Ca, Alk. I was using salifert for all three and i would adjust all three to the recommended level then wait 4 days then remesure them, but i performed this 3 times all over and all three times my Mg lowered slightly but both my Ca and Alk raised in value. I re tested each element every testing time so im sure i did them right. Now today i bought red seas testing kit and i got a totally different answer. Today with salifert i get 1200 mg and with red sea i get 680 mg and im sure i did both of them right. Both test kits show that theyre not expired. What is going on? Could the salifert test kit have an isssue since every time i tried to measure all three after the 4 day period alk and ca raised considering the dependent on each other when one lowers the other one raises? Im at a total loss rn.

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 15, 2020
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And you said you are sure you did them correctly, did you read the syringe differently for the two tests as per the instructions, or did you read the red sea syringe like you read the salifert syringe?

Edit: maybe it's easier to just ask this, was there red sea magnesium syringe more full or more empty after the test?
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