2012 FVRC Frag Swap / Reef Ball Demonstration

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    It is that time of the year again. FVRC is holding its annual frag swap soon. This event will be held in the same location as it has been in the past. For the full event times, location, and etc please go see our full flyer here: 2012 FVRC Frag Swap event flyer

    Here is a list of our confirmed vendors to date:
    3 Fish Aquaculture
    Budget Reefer
    Jim's Reef
    New Life Aquatics
    Fish Doctor
    Coral Compulsion
    Mark Moeller (MM)
    Renewable Reef
    Aznutty's saltwater connection

    Also this year we will be having a reef ball workshop as well. For those interested in the details of the foundation, here is a good read: Reef Ball Foundation: Getting Grants For Your Project

    This seminar includes a brief history of the non-profit Reefball Foundation and short video showing the process and results. After that, a fragging demonstration starts which includes each person getting to choose several corals from a nice assortment to frag. After your corals are cut, may mount them to your very own reef ball included in the workshop or bag them to take home. Club sponsors New Life Aquatics and Budget Reefer have donated the corals and frag plugs. The cost of the workshop is only $25 and includes your own tank-size reef ball, corals, and supplies.

    A portion of the workshop costs supports the foundation, so you not only get a good deal on some corals, but support a worthwhile cause. There's really no downside.

    Sign up soon, as we're limited to the first 24. Post questions.

    Any interest or questions please don't hesitate to go check out our frag swap forum: 2012 Frag Swap Vendors feel free to post your pre-sales in this thread as well.

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