20g water box with factory whire stand and radion xr15 g3 pro


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Oct 14, 2010
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new york
will be breaking down my softy tank, water box 20g aio with factory white stand, no scratches or chips, upgraded return pump with control valve. light bracket is is auqa illumination was for my ai 26 but works as i have it set up. comes with a heater a couple filter sox and the sponges...i can sell tank and equiptment or sell it with all live stock which is better deal. $550 tank stand light and equipt or $1100 with all live stock, several jawbreakers super large mother thers are atleast half dollar size, several red green st thomas shroons, monster sunkist shroon 3" plus several orange ricordia, yuma ricordias rhodact shroons, couple green toad stolls probably 10-15 diff zoa's 2 rbtas pair of clowns and other corals ect.... as a side note i do not get on here daily, i do live in poughquag ny 12570 { please google before saying interested } pick up only. { i do work alot but generally home sunday } please shoot a pm if interested in pictures

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