225 Gallon CDA complete set up 78 x 28 x 26


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Dec 27, 2019
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Encinitas, CA
Due to a move I am considering selling my complete set up. Let me start, I do not have to sell the system but for less stress on my fish & coral I want to sell as a complete set up. I am not going to give away the system so please don't lowball me.
This system is a year and a half old. Everything was purchased new and is in excellent/ mint condition.
I have over $25K in this system including the coral & fish. I have receipts for most of the items to prove it. I also have the majority of the original boxes for the equipment. You can also look at my build thread for more photos & information.

CDA 78 x 28 x 26 with steel stand & wood wrap, stainless steel feet, electrical panel.
36" MM overflow, 1" plumbing & 3 port manifold, 3" Lifeguard HO 55w UV, 44" Trigger sump, Kessil H380 light w/ gooseneck, 2 Neptune COR20 returns, 2 Neptune flow meters, Neptune wifi Apex w/ Trident, 2 Neptune EB832, 2 Neptune DOS (one for dosing & one for auto water change) Red Sea 900 Skimmer, Tunze 3155 top off w Trigger 10 gallon tank, 2 MP 60's, 3 Red Sea Reefwave 45's, BRS 600W heater, Ink Bird monitor, BRS CO2 scrubber, Jumpguard net.

Tradewind DI42 Super chiller with custom chiller cabinet to match the stand.

I have NIB spares: Neptune COR 20 (spare), Red Sea Skimmer body, Neptune auto feeder & probably more stuff I can't think of right now.

Lighting: Custom floating canopy with 4 Reefi Duo Extremes & 2 Reefi Unos. Also 2 250lbs hinged wall brackets which support the canopy.

All my fish were purchased from TSM & the system is parasite & pest free.
Gem tang, Powder Blue tang, white tail bristletooth tang (all get along excellent)
Red head solon head wrasse, golden rhomboid wrasse, filamented flasher wrasse
1 male lyretial anthia w 9 females

Marco Rock about 150lbs. I built it in 4 sections so it's easier to place & move.

Corals: Aprox 55 SPS you can email me if you need to know everyone or I can send you a video. Here are just a few: JF Jolt, JF Solar Flare, Peng's HOTO, CB Flaming Phoenix, POTO Pink Panther, Big R WD, BC Frankenberry 2.0, BC Tijuana Taxi, BC Bonfire, Vivid Confetti, TGC Chery Bomb, TGC Inferno, TSA Bill Murray, TSA Princess Peach, Obscure Reefs Malaysian Acro. You get the picture lots of very nice SPS

Again it saddens me to have to do this but I really want what's best for my fish & corals and again would like to sell as a package. Everything is doing great & they are happy so I would like to keep it that way.

Please don't ask to buy items. At this point I am not going to do that as I will probably just keep all my equipment & store it should no one buy the system. In a month I might start selling coral & fish but I am not there yet so please don't ask.

Again lots of extra's I am not evening listing.

I will sell as a package deal for $15K. If you are interested you can come take a look & if local I will help move if my schedule allows.

Thank you

photo.jpg lights.jpg scape.jpg tank 2.jpg plumb1.jpg plumb2.jpg electric.jpg
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