29g w/ 20g sump mixed reef tank | The journey begins...


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Sep 22, 2020
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You would be pushing it for sure.. But it could be done! I have 21" of clearance and the collection cup is even with the bottom of the shelf. I had to put the skimmer on a 2" riser though because my 8" of water was too much for it, causing overflow. Perhaps if you make your initial baffle only 5"-6" you could eliminate the need for a riser and create those extra 2" for yourself. They say the Curve 5 operates in 8"-11" but thats simply not true, it will overflow. You need closer to 5"-6".
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What's the main reason you take on DIY reefing projects?

  • Save Money

    Votes: 109 34.8%
  • You Like To Make Things

    Votes: 110 35.1%
  • Necessity, you want it a certain way

    Votes: 78 24.9%
  • Time, you need it quick

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  • Other (please explain)

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