2x Ecotech MP40QD Powerheads of PUMPS for sale.



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Jan 26, 2016
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Bronx, NY
Hi R2R i'm selling 2 Ecotech MP40QD's I purchased these from another Reefer. These two pumps are used, the original owner told me he had it for 18 months in use. He also has cleaned them in citric acid not vinegar which damages components to the pump. These 2 pumps are "Mobius Ready". I had this for my new tank build but I will now need MP60's. I have not used these and they are sitting in the box in my house (Temperature controlled, not in the cold). I want to sell these two together to make it easier on the shipping. I'm selling both of these for $600 if I'm braking it down it will be $325 each. I have included pictures and info from the original owner. DM me if your interested in purchasing them.

From Original owner and how I purchased these pumps. (Everything in Red is how original owner sold it to me)
There is 2 small cosmetic issues on one of the pumps:

- Wet side cage has a small plastic piece in the front missing but does not affect performance of the pump at all. Cages are pretty cheap to replace too.

- Dry side is missing the Ecotech sticker on the back of the pump driver, was shipped to me this way new. I never returned since it did not affect the pump at all.

- Due to these cosmetic issues I will toss in one power supply mounting bracket with the pumps.

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