2XMP40's and GHL 3 pump doser and KH director

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Sep 13, 2016
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Daphne, AL
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So after my tank consolidation I have several items that are just collecting dust that I would like to sell to someone who will put them to use. I have 2 MP40's mobius ready with a Sept 20 manu date and Oct 20. The Sept pump was only bought as a backup pump and I would be surprised if it had 10 hrs of run time on it. The Oct pump has about 8 mons on it before it was packed up and put away. I also have a GHL 3 pump doser unit with GHL KH director. This setup worked great for me which I used for about a year then packed it away. KHD electrode has been stored wet in sealed container that it came with. I just see no need to install it on my current frag tank. I would rather sell the GHL pump/KHD as a unit as this package deal comes with a single power supply with dual pigtail to operate both the doser and KHD off of the single power supply. All items are in exceptional working conditions. I accept paypal and venmo. All items that are paid I will ship out the next business day priority mail with tracking number. If anyone has any questions or comments please PM me.

Im asking $300 shipped for each MP40.

Im asking $500 shipped for the GHL/KHD setup.

MP40(1).jpg MP40(2).jpg MP40(3).jpg MP40(4).jpg MP40(5).jpg MP40(6).jpg GHL3Pump.jpg GHLKHD.jpg GHLBox.jpg
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