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May 9, 2021
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Hi guys,

I have a sumped 30g nano (total water volume). Its doing well bar some low nutrient levels which has been a struggle to hold above zero.

Tank is set up 7 months with 22lbs of established live reef rock + ceramic bio media. More nutrient export is done via a prime lit refugium and Tunze nano skimmer. I also do 20% monthly water changes.

The reality is a new bigger tank isn't far away, just need ton convince my spouse lol

Ph 8.2
Hanna Phosphorus 6ppb
No3 .5ppm
Hannah Alk 152ppm
Cal 440ppm
Mag 1280ppm

Current stocklist - Small Ocellaris Clown, Yellow Watchman's Goby, Peacock Wrasse, Pyjama Cardinal, Tiger goby Elacatinus Macrodon and Neon Goby.

I would love to add one more fish which might help get the nutrient levels up a bit higher to where I want them. Do you think it's possible? My main concern isn't stress on the bioload because its definitely not causing any waste management issues. My main concern would be O2 consumption. I would love another little wrasse who can grow with my tank or a yellow goby to live amongst my SPS. Currently everyone gets along really well, no aggression issues unless I put the hand in the tank which the clownfish doesn't like lol.

Thanks guys.

fish farmer

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Nov 13, 2017
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Brandon, VT
I wouldn't. Give your current fish space to grow into you tank, even though a new tank is in the future, why bother with just one more fish now when you can wait.

FWIW I have three fish in a 29 gallon with sump, a pair of mature perc clowns and a sixline wrasse. I don't dare add another fish, but if I did I would probably only have 4 fish in my tank.

I would just feed a bit more to get nutrients up.

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