32x32x18 Custom Tenecor Shallow SPS



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Oct 23, 2016
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Hickory, NC
Well, here goes my 6th build
Over the years I’ve had everything from a 265 monster to a little 10 IM AIO.

And in all those tanks, never have I done a build thread, so let’s take it for a spin! The plan is sps only and maybe a clam or two. Sticks from POTO only-their stuff is just too amazing. And I’m only buying fish from someone who QTs first. If anyone can point me in a direction of some good dealers, please do! I don’t care the cost. I just don’t have the space for a proper QT for new arrivals.
Fish will be limited for obvious reasons, so I want champions of what I do have.

The gear:

Trigger Sys Platinum 20 sump
Trigger Sys 5 gal ATO resivoir
Reef Octo Elite 150 skimmer
Avast skim locker
Heaters (one stainless as a main, ehiem glass as a back up. Had a heater loss once with a single heater. No mos, no buano)
Full apex (temp, orp, salinity, ph)
Master, alk and dosetronics
2x ice cap 2k gyres (not the top of the line, but meh, they’ll move water)
Neptune COR 4 return
One of those variable current locline things. Forget the name
Raidon G6 Blue
AquaticLife 24” t5 hybrid (3 blue 1 purple+ ati)
Avast Zeovit reactor

For the first time ever, I used dry rock (Carib sea fancy pants rock) and dry sand. I figured what the hay, start fresh.
Built the stand myself, hopefully it won’t fall apart I used sound proofing in the stand walls since the tank is in the living room and I rubberized the inside, no more, or at least significantly reduced, wet carpets for me!

The tank I got from a local lfs that closed, I always liked it when I went to the store, so I walked out with it. But it was trashed. So lots of sanding and polishing and giving up to tell myself just keep working on it. Who needs a real roller coaster when you’re on a metaphorical one called “fixing acrylic”

I’m currently working on filling and running the equipment. Will update pics at that point

Feel free to comment or criticize.

9AD6283E-3998-4C31-ABB0-8F6704F1C8A1.jpeg 6F1AD7C5-A7A6-4CAA-A0F4-6E425A2C135F.jpeg 4843C079-3789-4358-B013-3D4C45662450.jpeg D42F51EC-3720-490B-B33F-844379E6B225.jpeg E20E493D-5872-423A-B094-7E8D7CA85DA2.jpeg 2EF28CB9-F87E-484F-99EE-7600659A8833.jpeg 79708F5D-5664-4ED4-B976-1644764F9163.jpeg A5D47D9F-B920-4056-AA7F-B791D9FA4F6C.jpeg
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