36”x 24” x 10” Frag tank for sale


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Apr 12, 2021
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Ocala, FL
Only been set up for 2 months. Made of 1/2 Acrylic. No scratches mint condition took well care of it. Has over flow box in back with two drains and two returns. Black bottom and black back. This tank was custom made for me nothing wrong with it and is still set up and running. Will be breaking down 9/1. I am upgrading to a bigger frag tank.

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E036376D-CB96-446A-8337-250E29C23DD3.jpeg 9E742B1F-0245-4C41-9531-5E448390E100.jpeg EB0FB68E-90AB-45AE-99BD-D5BC36E75EE4.jpeg
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