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Nov 13, 2016
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Allentown PA
4 nice WYSIWYG packs. I can also add to them if you wanted to add something. I can combine packs for a discount on top of the low price too.

-----Only Pack 2 is left as of 9/28, which I thought would be the first gone for its insanely low prices for the pieces-----

IF you cannot already tell, these are under full T5s (4 coral and 4 blue plus) with some LEDS but very very white lighting. No orange filter, under blue LEDS here.


Pack 1 - Left to right: $400 shipped - SOLD
CW Orange Cheeto, CW Nerd Explosion, CW Robinhood, BC Aquaticman, CW Pink Dragon


Pack 2 - only $200 shipped - SOLD
TCK Burning Bush, WWC Heartbreaker
TSA Bill Murray, CW Fruit Roll Up


Pack 3 Left to Right: $300 shipped -SOLD
CW Nerd Explosion, WWC Heartbreaker, CW Fruit Roll up, BC Aquaticman, Tyree Pinky the bear


Pack 4: left to right, top to bottom: $155 shipped - SOLD
WWC Gatorade, PC Rainbow
WWC Heartbreaker, CW Pink Bubblegum


Battlecorals Aquaticman - one of my mini colonies


CW Fruit Roll Up Mother Colony


WWC Heartbreaker - one of my mini colonies


CW Nerd Explosion - by far my favorite coral


CW Pink Dragon - one mini colony


CW Robinhood - Mother Colony


Tyree Pinky the Bear - one of my mini colonies

Friendly reminder of my DOA too:
Package must be received on first delivery attempt, I do not require signature though. Pictures should be received with coral in original bag within 2 hours of delivery if you think ANYTHING with the coral looks off or not the best. A replacement (when available) will be made or refund, less shipping cost, will be sent at my discretion of the corals that arrive dead if any do. I will replace half of the corals if there is a delay from Fedex that I cannot control, as in a delay of a day or more.

I always help when I can if there is a problem with any coral received, just make sure there is strong communication to me from the very beginning of when you got the shipment if a coral looks weird/not the best.
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