40gal Breeder guidance/suggestions


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May 13, 2021
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Hi all, I'm new to this hobby and have always wanted to start. I purchased a 40 gallon breeder tank (PetCo special, bash away lol) and have started to purchase other equipment. My end goal is to have a nice array of corals and start with a set of clowns. I will be doing a fishless cycle using Dr.Tims. Here is what I've obtained:

*40 Gallon Breeder tank*
*Metal stand, no cabinets/doors*
*Fluval 307 canister filter* (thinking of changing)
*CaribSea Life Rock*
*Dr.Tims One and Only and ammonia*
*Heater and Therm*

I will be using salt water from a local shop and getting CaribSea live sand. As stated above, I am leaning towards returning the Fluval canister filter and instead getting the Fiji Cube AIO 40 breeder all in one box. I like the clean look without having pipes hanging from the Fluval. What are your thoughts and comments? Any suggestions on the pump? Fiji recommends a pump rate of 320gph and connections of 16mm.
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Reeth Huthbandry
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Jul 25, 2017
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Your pump rate should be 10X tank turnover per hour. Some people go slower depending on your corals types. Have you looked into the skip cycle method? I highly recommend making yourself a nice sump too. You can check out the one I made on my build thread. It's a nice place to put all your heaters and filters etc. Having macroalgae and a refugium for pods is a great thing as well. They can be really easy to set up.


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