450 Gallon Miracle peninsula aquarium/tank with starphire glass


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Jan 28, 2018
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450 Gallon Miracle peninsula aquarium/tank with starphire glass
Build Thread:

Price in USD for local pick up, you are welcome to come across the border to pick it up once the border reopen.
Shipping within USA and Canada can be arranged, tank can be transported back to Miracle for Crate and shipped from the factory. Will need to charge moving, crating and shipping fees.

Will include the diy stand for pick up ONLY, (not worth shipping the stand). For shipping, only Aquarium and reefsavvy ghost overflow will be included!

This is a full custom Miracle 450 Gallon peninsula style aquarium/tank 84"x48"x25.5" 3/4" full 3 side Starphire/low iron glass with armor seam on every corner and full eurobrace. come with a custom handmade Ghost Overflow from Reef Savvy (not the cheap synergy shadow overflow) Stand is made by 2x10 and special 1/2" thick screw, size 84"x48"x40.5". The stand was designed to take the 10 of the Red Sea Peninsula 650 panel, you can order them from red sea to wrap around the stand if you want to.

Price per unit: $5,000.00
Shipping costs: $0.00
Quantity: 1
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

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