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cody hendrix

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Mar 7, 2017
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Hey guys so I'm getting ready to set up a 450 with the dimensions of 96x36x30. It will be a mostly predator tank with a few non predator. I have kept some of these fish. Ut not all and would love your opinions on compatibility.

The one that im not to sure in is the Dragon eel. I know most of the fish are going to be pretty big and I wouldook to find the smallest eel I could but even then I have heard they will still hunt and eat any and all fish, thoughts?

Broomtaill wrasse
Australian Harlequin tusk
Dragon eel
Blond naso Tang
Crosshatch trigger pair
Blue face angel
Radiata lionfish
Banana eel
Soho tang
Bird wrasse
Mappa puffer
Miniatus grouper
Volitin lion fish
Blue line grouper
Lyretail hogfish
Hi-fin snapper
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Feb 10, 2019
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I saw you had an answer in your other thread so not sure if you still needed help. My only thought was putting 2 eels in the tank. I would think one would work better. No specific reason, just thinking about territory and housing for both since they can get big.

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