55 gallom reef light

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  1. edc_aquarium

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    Nov 4, 2017
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    I've been looking around for lights for my 55 gallon reef tank do you guys thing this would be good I'm planning on getting two of them [​IMG]

  2. JaimeAdams

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    Aug 22, 2015
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    Two of those would be fine for a 55, you would need to not turn it up all the way just for the record. Personally and I know a lot of us here prefer the SB Reeflights for a general Chinese black box on the cheap side of things. They have a much better color diode layout.
  3. ReefEco

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    Sep 12, 2017
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    Just be careful about the wattage rating, sometimes the fixtures are rated not by how much wattage they use (what we are interested in as a function of light output) but rather the wattage rating of the LEDs. So, for instance, a fixture could have 50, three-watt LEDs (looks like your fixtures have 50 LEDs), rated for a maximum wattage of 150 watts, but only pull, or output, half of that - depending on how they are driven. Brand name and USA fixtures are less misleading in this area since they know they can't get away with it...
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    What reefeco said. Just be careful with those chinese black boxes. Did my research on those a long time ago and decided to save my money, bit the bullet, and went with something with proven results. Aqua illumination.

    That being said, i totally recommend reef breeders fixtures. Theyre kinda like black boxes, but the build quality is much better. Ive had them before and would use them again.
  5. saltyfilmfolks

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    They will grow coral.

    At that price point get three. It'll look better. And have better coverage.
    Also buy a $15 Lux meter.

    Set the color to the ratio you want and make it pretty to look at.
    Then set the intensity.
    Look for about 15- 20,000lux to start with measured right at the top of the water.

    You can also use one , 30in model, It's the 300w model. It's got two 150w led drivers in it. The 165 have two 80w drivers in it.

    Sbreeflight is a better brand. It has better spectrum also a 2yr warranty.
    Also a Facebook support page and you can talk to the owner Mike. We can also tag him here on R2r.
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