For sale 5gal Bucket Siphon Hose Holder with Filter Sock Holder

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Just a heads up. I can no longer make a thread in the 3d Printed Forum unless it's an add which means this ad will self destruct in 30 days and will no longer be searchable?? well that stinks for anyone looking for such an item after 30 days. And no I am not going to keep reposting all my 3D printed items every 30 days. - Rant over

So I heard there was a desire for a decent item to hold a siphon hose when using a 5gal bucket. I designed this to fit a hardware store bucket with a 1/4 rim. Screws to hold the device securely on the bucket and to hold the hose in device. Has an optional and removeable 4" filter sock holder (3 7/8" opening). Slight downward angle on the hose holder so water will stay in the bucket if you insert the hose while the siphon is going. 5/8" maximum outside diameter of the hose. Printed in Black, Red, or Blue ABS.
$19.99 +$4 first class shipping.

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