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6 - Ecotech Radion lights Gen 1 and Gen 3

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Frozen Tundra Reef Dreams

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Jan 21, 2021
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Green Bay, Wi Go Pack!
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There is a fellow reefer on here who is not able to list an ad due to not having enough posts. He asked me to make a listing and point yall in his direction. I've done business with him and he is a stand up fella. He has them listed on Ebay currently, but hopes to sell them here to avoid all the fees and pass on the savings. Here is the ebay link and a couple pictures.

I know nothing about ecotechs, so I have no idea about his prices, but ranging from $175-200 a piece on ebay.

s-l1600 (9).jpg
Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED bar

Is there such a thing as an "easy" acro?

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