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61” Aquatic life x18

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Feb 8, 2022
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Broke down my reefer 625xxl and have the light fixture still available. It’s the 61” aquatic life x18. Comes with the aquatic life suspension fixture hanger. Bulbs are about 6 months old. Has 3 set of brackets to hang light fixture(Red Sea 90 were used) 2 brackets for Kessil 160. Asking $450obo located in Port St. John(32927) be willing to meet up as well.
Last photo was tank and it hanging up.

68F77C5E-25C8-40A9-A15D-96CB9A911D08.jpeg 2F17BE01-53E6-495F-919E-5402772DBB24.jpeg BBC1AB4B-E3F3-4B85-A1F9-5564C9A5EDB5.png BE804DAE-A462-4522-90EB-7503A0C3ADB6.png 98FE8E18-BF7C-4EBE-8EA8-9B8B46E7AAD4.jpeg

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