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Oct 28, 2017
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Palm Springs area
So after some long heated debates with the wife she has decided to let me do my big tank but I had to add a master bedroom suite. So master suite has been added and I’m getting ready to cut the hole for the the new tank and equipment/fish room display will be half in my kitchen half in my living room. The tank is 120x36dx30tall I have hired acrylic habitats out of Orlando to build the tank along with a custom 60x24x24 sump filter sock refugium skimmer setup.
I wasn’t going to start the build thread until I got a bit further along but the time has come I need to start getting serious about equipment. I’ll post some pics of my current setup. As we stand right now I have 4 gen4 pro xr15s full apex system with every add on you can imagine including the trident. I like everything matching and Neptune is a brand I’ll stand behind. I have 2 mp40s but unfortunately they only do up to 3/4 glass and my new tank is 1 inch. So moving on I need some guidance on what someone with experience with big tanks would do equipment wise. The tank will be ready by the end of the month. I have planned on doing 2 cor 20s in the sump and running 4 returns , 2 wavs for flow and 2 48 inch t5 aquatic life hybrids with the xr15s installed
ill post some more info on overflow later.i have already have the rs300 skimmer in. I’m interested in equipment opinions.

4CBA4125-743B-452E-BC16-67D085AA7CB4.jpeg FB494389-15D3-46EE-B912-258C814B9CC6.jpeg 593BA3BC-427C-4811-B212-676E8D4F6D89.jpeg CE7B1D8E-E6D5-4540-956B-672B452120E4.jpeg 368ABB9E-DE97-43C9-AE39-F5B221EDA5F0.jpeg 73532DD5-5A29-43A2-8FBF-56FE8DABD36A.jpeg
That’s skimmer is epic!

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