72" X 30" X 20" (L X W X H) acrylic peninsula reef tank, extruded aluminum stand, and Lifereef sump and refugium

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Pete Paschall

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Aug 14, 2017
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For sale is:
  • 72" X 30" X 20" (L X W X H) acrylic peninsula reef tank built by Aquarium and Terrarium Builder in Raleigh, NC
  • Framing Tech extruded aluminum stand with white solid wood skin with removable doors
  • Lifereef sump with 24" refugium
Located in Swansboro, NC.

We built a new house in 2020 with this system in mind, but it is actually somewhat too big for our space. I have ordered a Waterbox peninsula tank that is 60 inches long instead of 72 to downsize for a better fit in our living room (you can see in the pics below how little walk space there is between the end of the tank and the couch). With that said, this system is well thought out with quality in mind. The tank has a Modular Marine 2400 GPH low profile external overflow box and external plumbing that does not take up any in-tank space. I had the stand constructed by Framing Tech out of extruded aluminum, and a skin built by on of the carpenters on the job site when our house was being built. Finally, Jeff at Lifereef built the sump (LF1-300S system) and refugium (24" Lifereef refugium). The system has been up and running flawlessly since September 2020.

I am admittedly anxious about transferring my current tank inhabitants to the new system, and (in an ideal world) would like to work the sale of these items to coincide with the transfer when the new system arrives, or shortly thereafter. The new Waterbox has been ordered and is in stock, but I do not yet have a delivery date - I will update this post as soon as I have it.

* Please note - this system is currently up and running and will not be ready for buyer to take delivery until new system arrives *

After reading the Selling/Trading Forum rules, I hope this is within the guidelines for posting items for sale - my apologies up front if posting items for sale before they are actually available is against a policy that I did not see, but I am hoping to make the transfer to the new tank as seamless as possible.

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