75G first sump tank


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Nov 21, 2020
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We started 6 years ago with freshwater tanks and slowly added two brackish and one saltwater fish only tank all with canister filters and later added OCTO HOB skimmers. We are getting sick of the hang on backs, in the future we want larger more expensive tanks with sumps so i figured i would try to convert our inexpensive 75g tank to a sump setup.

This whole project took about 4 months of planning and buying parts and pieces. I originally wanted a Bean Animal Ghost style box but decided I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars so decided on a $10 Herbie weir off eBay, I also purchased a 20g sump kit off eBay for $100 and silicone it all into a 20g tank we had lying around.

I have never drilled or painted a tank before so was pretty nervous.

building the sump was pretty easy, drilling tank went smoothly but i was super nervous, painting was easy we did like 6 coats of plasti dip.

plumbing took two days and i leak tested for 48 hours and am really happy with how it all came out, it is SO quiet compared to our HOB tanks

I went with an OCTO 150SSS skimmer and a Jebao DCP-4000 return pump.

Two 1" drains and a single 3/4 return with a ball check valve

PS: we are well aware that our Stars and Stripes pufferfish needs a much larger tank, this whole project was kind of a test run towards this effort as we are planning on acquiring and drilling a 210 gallon or larger aquarium.


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