75g stocking amount and order. Advice please!


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Mar 14, 2021
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Kansas City
Hello! I am starting a 75g mixed reef tank with 29g sump in a few months and am trying to plan my stocking. I have 5 years experience with freshwater and I know you can typically stock those heavier than salt, so I just want to be careful. I am willing to spend what I need to on filtration (already planned for oversize skimmer) to get the fish I want plus a few more. Buy once, cry once they say (and that's the motto I am going with).

Fish I for sure want:
2 of the larger clowns
1 diamond goby
1 green chromis
1 royal gramma
1 tang (tomini or kole, but leaning toward kole)
1 golden dwarf moray eel

I would like to add a few more if possible from the list below:
lawnmower blenny
dispar anthias
wrasse (not sure what kind)
longnose hawkfish

Clean up Crew:
1 tuxedo urchin
1 emerald crab
2 peppermint shrimp
1 skunk cleaner shrimp
3 nasarius snails
1 fighting conch
3 cerith snail
5 hermits
5 trochus snail

Are there any recommendations on which additional fish I should include? Did I miss something in my research that some of these cannot go together?

Also, what order do I add in? I have heard the least to most aggressive, so the tang and eel will be last. But I am not sure what order to add in the clowns, chromis, gramma, etc.

If anyone would be kind enough to offer advice, it would be much appreciative!


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Nov 4, 2016
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Clarksville, TN
Early: Firefish, chromis.
Medium: Clown, Gramma, wrasse
Later: tang, goby (peaceful but typically starve in young tanks), Anthias (not easy to care for, must feed several times per day), Lawnmower Blenny (later with algae... again many starve to death).

Don't add: Eel... this should be in a predator tank. Hawkfish... this will kill your shrimp.

Add the snails as needed and when needed for algae growth. Urchin... needs a lot of algae and will eat your coralline algae possibly.

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