A Halloween Giveaway from Noopsyche!! ONLY 1 WEEK to ENTER!!!

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Nov 18, 2012
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Ontario, California
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CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN with NOOPSYCHE and REEF2REEF!! Noopsyche wants to celebrate spookiness with you this week!! Post a photo and maybe even a video of Halloween fun and get entered to win a K7 Pro II LED light for your reef!!

The Noopsyche K7 Pro II is their flagship light, and @noopsyche is giving you the chance to own one for FREE! You can check out @Dana Riddle's testing of the Noopsyche K7 Pro II HERE.

Please see the rules below and get your entries in NOW!


Official Entry: Post a photo of you, your kids, or even your pets showing off your Halloween costume!!

BONUS ENTRIES (Check out the bonus entry options below)

*Make a separate post in this thread after completing any of the bonus entries. Winning entry is subject to verification.

Bonus 1:
Post a photo of your tank with Halloween decor.
Bonus 2: Post a short video (could be a live video or one you upload) saying Happy Halloween to Noopsyche and Reef2Reef on your favorite social media platforms (FB, Instagram, or any other platform) and post a link to it here (will need to be publicly viewable so we can verify the entry). 1 entry per social media platform, so that could be 1 entry for Facebook, 1 for IG, etc. Make a separate post in this thread for each social media post you make.
Bonus 3: Share this contest on social media (each social media platform can be used for 1 bonus entry. So, that could be 1 entry for Facebook, 1 for Twitter, 1 for IG, etc. Make a separate post in this thread for each social media post you make.

BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an entry option that is only available if you are a Reef2Reef Supporting or Partner Member. If you are a supporting/partner member please make a post in this thread stating that you are a R2R supporter/partner. If you're not a supporting member, but would like more info on how to sign up, CLICK HERE.


One winner will be selected to receive:
  • One K7 ProII light
  • One K7 bracket
  • One K7 controller


ONE Winner will be chosen via random draw from this thread on November 2, 2020! (Last day to enter is November 1st.)
RAP Orlando

Mike Kearns

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Apr 4, 2019
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Official Entry:
I do building maintenance for an insurance company (not State Farm) and have had a beard the whole time I have worked there. Showed up on Halloween as Jake from State Farm (I am wearing Khakis). People were shocked.
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Top Shelf Aquatics

What have you found to be the best things/methods to beat hair algae? (choose all that apply)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

    Votes: 50 17.3%
  • Lawn Mower Blenny (or other fish)

    Votes: 55 19.0%
  • Manual Removal

    Votes: 143 49.5%
  • Rock Scrubbing

    Votes: 64 22.1%
  • Lowered Phosphates

    Votes: 70 24.2%
  • Tank Blackouts

    Votes: 16 5.5%
  • Urchins

    Votes: 68 23.5%
  • Fluconazole

    Votes: 41 14.2%
  • Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)

    Votes: 24 8.3%
  • UV Sterilizer

    Votes: 24 8.3%
  • Refugium

    Votes: 65 22.5%
  • Algae Scrubber

    Votes: 23 8.0%
  • Clean Up Crew

    Votes: 117 40.5%
  • Lighting Change

    Votes: 19 6.6%
  • Sea Hare

    Votes: 22 7.6%
  • Vibrant

    Votes: 42 14.5%
  • Other (please explain in thread)

    Votes: 23 8.0%

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