A Reef2Reef spotlight "Tridacna Maxima"


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May 8, 2009
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lovely rainy NW Washington
Genus = Tridacna
Species = Maxima
Common name= Maxima clam

Size and growth rate
T. Maxima is one of the smaller of the giant clams. This species can grow to a maximum size of about 14". These clams have been reported to grow as little as 2cm and as much as 5cm per year.

Location and geographic range
This gentle giant can be found in shallow clear water usually less than 7 meters, and even as deep as 15 meters. Maxima's are the most widely dispersed of all the giant clams. They range from the Red Sea, to French Polynesia, to East Africa, to western Australia, to Micronesia, and northward to the southern islands of Japan.

Attachment to substrate
T. Maxima uses their a byssal organ that secretes the sticky threads that will attach it to the substrate. This helps keep the clam from being swept away.

Lighting and flow requirements
Maxima's are one of the most light demanding of all the giant clams. I recommend metal halide or T5 with individual reflectors. Giant clams are found on reefs that usually have SPS corals, flow should be moderate to high. Just be sure that the mantle isn't being held over un naturally because of too much flow.

The Maxima clams can be found in just about every color and combination under the sun.

Reef compatibility
Giant clams are found among the reefs of the world and are compatible with most reef safe animals. Although there are some reef safe fish that are not clam safe. These include: Angelfish, some Wrasses, Blenny's, Eels, and some shrimp.

Conclusion and comments.
Maxima's are common to the aquarium industry. They are being farmed by many clam farms throughout the world and are easily obtained.

It is my personal opinion that if you intend to keep a Tridacna maxima you should have an aquarium of 10 gallons or larger with very good lighting. They can be kept in smaller tanks but they rapidly outgrow them.

Some shell shots

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Feb 12, 2014
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Excellent information! Thank you! I currently have 3 maxs in my tank. Just love the colors! Actually love All the clams. *L* Thanks again!
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