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Sep 12, 2021
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Everybody wants a high quality product that's a good value for the money. The live foods we sell are often difficult to quantify - my wife likes to say that the copepods refuse to line up and be counted! We can do small sample counts and do estimates, but that's about as close as we can get. The same goes for phytoplankton - it's really dark, but I can't tell you how many cells there are per mL.

So how do we ensure you get top-quality products? Simply put - we make way more than we need. Right now we produce about 5x more copepods than we sell every week. I could just let them all sit in the tanks and do nothing, or I could give my customers extra pods in each order. The decision, frankly, is easy for us. Our copepods grow very dense in their tanks, and then we concentrate them by a factor of about five. Put differently, we put about 15 gallons of pods into the 3 gallon dispenser that we use to fill our bottles. To be on the safe side, three people check the bottles to ensure maximum quality - myself, my wife, and my 16 year-old (he's the pickiest of us all).

With phytoplankton, we have developed a process to grow it nice and dark, and to further concentrate it when we harvest. You're getting 100% live phytoplankton, but extra dark and dense.

Rest assured, my wife and I work incredibly long hours to build a brand with a great reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service. We want to continue to polish and even further enhance that reputation! Feel free to ask questions any time - either here, on FB Messenger (@dinkinsaquaticgardens) or by email at [email protected].

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