Acan help please. So this happened...

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Apr 13, 2021
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Bought about a handful of acan lords from WWC's sale. They all arrived alive, but they were all withdrawn into their skeleton and all of them had some points of their skeleton poking through their flesh. After 24 hours, they have all inflated and doing well. Except one. This one had a couple of points rip thought it's flesh. It hasn't fully inflated and my guess is that it's because it's still trying to heal. You can tell in the attached pic that it's trying to slime off the area where the skeleton is sticking out.

Question is, do I leave it as is? Do I move it into the shade? Should I pull it out and dip in iodine?

I haven't fed it yet, but it does inflate somewhat during the day, and the feeding tentacles do come out at night. Am I better off leaving it alone, or do I need to intervene? Do I need to do anything drastic, like clip off the sharp piece of skeleton jutting out?

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May 22, 2021
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Near Lake George
I think iodine dip wouldn't hurt. Also let it go it could heal on its own. I imagine if it does inflate the bone wont show, and it will heal over. Don't they have a guarantee. Ask them what they'd do. That way you could say it wasn't because of something you did if it does perish.

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