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Acros- chalice-torches- hg micros-Moving selling rest of corals

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Feb 18, 2019
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Hey guys here is what’s left that hasn’t sold yet
Willing to ship if it’s multiple pieces
Prefer local pickup between SAC and SF

Text me for faster response 707-592-7065

Yellow wall hammer 100$
HG Micros mini colony about 20 polyps 200$
Firework clove polyps colony 100$
Todd’s torch splitting into 2 heads 150$
Green torch with pink tips 2-3 heads 150$
Chummingsreef lighting bolt torch 400$ 4 heads
Mummy eye chalice colony on 3 inch disk 100$
Pink lemonade 50$
Tri valida colony on 3 in disk 100$
Jason fox flame big frag 50$
Cherry bomb big frag based out over 2 inches on frag rock 125$
93AAC194-6DA0-4592-B917-9211511F949C.jpeg 71217FC8-BC9C-4729-A880-935BBE4B601E.jpeg 2783F38A-29AC-46D3-81AB-9B079CCC985B.jpeg 570E5D1C-C3DB-4855-AA3E-618521C7777D.jpeg BB062AE4-47AA-4BC2-9802-C968A355C6B7.jpeg BC14ADDC-485E-4B44-B58B-68DEE33A662B.jpeg 613655B5-E10C-4431-B0F0-66B7D948CD8A.jpeg 88D7C2F7-E2DB-461B-98F1-76496C458BCC.jpeg 00B58883-0720-4CA9-87F9-4118B1345183.jpeg C8AFE892-A0FB-4926-A74E-094D0BFE47A9.jpeg DF32FFF4-7622-4495-B1B2-58B2FF5D89B0.jpeg
Nutramar Foods


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Jul 2, 2019
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I’ll take the cherry bomb and the pink lemonade. I live in 45 min east of SF and hour n 45 from sac so meeting won’t be an issue. I can’t meet till Friday or Saturday or next week but I have no issue sending down payment via PayPal or zelle.

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