Afraid of parasite infection in humans



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May 8, 2016
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I wouldn't be fixated on the reef tank thing when trying to figure out what's wrong with you. Its probably just a coincidence. Do you know how large this hobby is worldwide and how rare what you're talking about actually is in comparison?

There's very likely something wrong with you that has absolutely nothing to do with your reef tank. Sounds like a blood infection or you're spetic. This happened to my older sister last month. Almost all the symptoms youre describing it was a very serious situation. If you keep deteriorating and you're not exaggerating here. Stop DR. GOOGLING and coming to a reef forum for medical advice and go to the ER!
If you feel as bad as you're saying and you're not exaggerating your decisions in the next few days could be life or death. When my neice found my sister she was in bed and couldn't even get to her phone to call for help. My niece went because she couldn't get in touch with her. The hospital said another day or two and she'd have check out from planet earth. She's 48 years old

Not trying to scare you but medical is no joke. Leave it up to the professionals and not a reef tank forum or Google.
Wanted to do thumbs up and a hug but we can't do 2.
That's great advice and I hope your sister's okay!