AI Nero 3 Pump Review – The Sweet Spot for Nano Reef Water Flow

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Sep 22, 2009
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Golden CO
The AI Nero 3 pump is the new, smaller successor to one of the best water moving powerheads on the market today, the AI Nero 5. Priced at only $149 the new AI Nero 3 propeller pump from AquaIllumination is a concentration of features and performance normally reserved for much larger and more expensive water movers. […]

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Jan 21, 2020
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Great review! I recently purchased this pump for an upcoming 20g cube build and I can’t wait to get it set up. I hadn’t thought about turning the pumps higher at night to clean out the display, thanks for sharing the tip!!


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Jan 12, 2020
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I just got one of these for my QT. I have a Nero 5 in my display tank and it's been great. In setting up the Nero 3, it seems to have a problem establishing a Bluetooth connection though. No matter what I try, it does not show up in the myAI app device search. Does anyone know of a document explaining what the different lights on the driver mean (I've looked all over the AI website but there doesn't seem to be any detail on the subject)?


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Nov 7, 2020
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So I have the Nero 3 and have been watching work. Well here some things I can’t get over. For one: I have a IM AIO 20 gal. For me to have 20 times the turn over I need to be able to adjust it down to 400 GPH well it can’t. If you set it 1% that is still 600 GPH. This doesn’t give any room to create different flows by using the random mode. In pulse mode I noticed that you can only go down to 2%. Which is closer to 700 GPH. Well when you set the time for ON/OFF in plus mode what it’s doing is say set your setting to 2% well when it is in the On mode if runs at 2% when off it drops it down to default 1% which is 600sh GPH again no change in flow in a smaller tank. This really stinks. I wish it would just turn off then On meaning in the off mode the blades stop then run again when on. Why is it they set it to 1% and not just use set GPH settings or allow for lower flows. Not sure if others do the same.
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