AIO owners: How do you keep your tank clean? Lots of problems



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Jan 21, 2020
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I've got a JBJ 20 gallon frag tank AIO that's been set up for over a year now. It's another one of those situations where when you start out the tank is pristine, you can't do anything wrong. Now I can spend a lot of time on it and it just never looks good. Two big issues. Aiptasia have taken over and green algae keeps growing back on everything. There are 2 clowns and a six line in the tank. I feed them once a day. I have a 12 hr lighting schedule with one hour ramp ups using a single AI 16HD. I can't keep the green algae from growing. I run a protein skimmer in the back 24/7 hooked up to a CO2 scrubber. There's also a cheato ball in the back running on a reverse light schedule. I also have small rocks and some porous cubes in the back to help with biological filtration since there's very little live rock in the tank. I can't really clean the back without tanking the entire tank down and rinsing it out.

The aiptasia when it first started showing up I was using aiptasia X. I don't know if it worked or not. It must not have or I didn't find them all because they've spread out of control now. I've got a bunch of them growing on the glass right behind the overflow. At this point would have to take the tank apart and nuke it to have a chance of clearing these things out. The thing is I just had the tank apart a few months ago to fix a leak. I wish I could get rid of the algae problem first and then work on aptasia problem. Am I running the light too long?

The Hanna ULR phosphate test is always reasonable but it could just be getting used up so it's not showing up.
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Aug 12, 2018
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I was getting tired of green hair algae in my 20-gallon, so I took a kitchen-sink approach: Alternating Vibrant, Hydrogen Peroxide, bottled bacteria, and then as it all loosened up... 4 big emerald crabs. I', several weeks down the road, and the end of GHA is finally in sight!

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