Aiptasia as a Pest - and HOW to get rid of it


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May 27, 2016
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Has anyone tried putting their Berghia in their overflows? If so how did you do it? I just got some today and am in the process of acclimating them. By far the most significant outbreaks of Aiptasia in our tank right now are in our overflows. I just don't know how to place any of the Berghia's in there. I'm worried if i try to place them directly on top of an aiptasia, they will get stung/killed but i can't just drop them in the overflow and let them swim can I?
When I got my berghia, the instructions said to acclimate and then put the whole cup into the tank and let them find their way out. I did this in my main tank, but you could do a similar thing in your overflow and they would be protected for a while.

I did turn my wavemakers off at night so the berghia can get anywhere in the tank at night and not get blown around.

If you can turn the return pump flow down low, I bet they do ok.

I bought 3 extra large for my 60 cube. I have never seen them again. However, after 3 weeks, I can’t find a single aiptasia anywhere.

I also bought an aiptasia eating filefish which is now eating my duncan coral. The filefish may have helped, but I really give credit to the berghia because the aisptasia are gone from the places the filefish cannot get to.

In my sump I put 2 peppermint shrimp.


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Jul 18, 2019
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I'm a little over 2 years with the copperband. The biggest hurtle with them is eating prepared food, a lot of times they starve to death because they don't equate what we add to the tank as food. My CBB went through 6 weeks of QT and because there wasn't any competition to feeding he took to prepared food right away.

Every tank that I've ever had, was blessed with a CBB, and I never had issues with them... now I have to find some wood to knock on, hehe
Any issue with the CBB nipping at coral?

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