Aiptasia eating filefish pecking at rock flower anemone



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Jun 7, 2020
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So I have a Aiptasia eating file fish in my 40 gallon tank. Its never picked at any of the rock flower anemones. I got a shipment of a few this past week. My file fish be lined to one of the more colorful ones and decided to start pecking at it. I moved the rock flower anemone to other side of the tank thinking this would help and once again the Filefish found it and started pecking at it. This morning I woke up the anemone completely destroyed and ripped apart. As of right now it hasn't touched any other flower anemone but I am monitoring the situation Does anyone have any suggestion on how to deter it from pecking at the anemone. I know its just one of those things that can happen. I am trying to avoid rehoming my filefish or having to move my rock flower anemone to other tank.

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